Reflections from Fr. Andersen

From the Desk of The Rev. Richard B. Andersen, Interim Priest

In this month’s “Eagle” you will find 5 tributes to St. John’s by 5 of our members.

We have included the message they offered to the congregation and all 5 of them make for good reading as we prepare to make our pledge for 2018 which will include enough pledged to afford a full time Rector by June.

All this is our hope and we will all do our best to make it happen.

Because I am a member since 1992,  I have volunteered to make calls, and already have three people to call on Sunday, November 5.

I will come with my collar left at home and will be dressed informally.

We have been blessed by having Kevin Haas as our chairman for Every Member Visitation and his letters are straight forward and carefully written.

We will have a few callers who cannot be here on November 5th and they will be receiving training from me on Sunday, October 29th and they will notify those on whom they are to call during the week that follows.

The rest will be at a luncheon on the 5th of November, “All Saints’ Sunday” and make their calls on that afternoon by appointment.

Please be ready to welcome them and to enjoy conversation before making your pledge.

Most calls will last around 30 minutes, and most of the callers have three people on their list.

This issue of the Eagle is full of news.  Please read it and realize that St. John’s is alive and well, and we have been receiving new members with young children and others who have moved to Ramsey.

I continue to be amazed and pleased as your responses to what we have to offer have been gratifying and it has been a pleasure these past almost 16 months to be your priest.

Hopefully ~ Fr. Andersen   (Don’t be afraid to call me “Dick.)