History of St. John’s Memorial Church


St. John’s Church was begun by a handful of Episcopalians who, having to hitch up their horses to travel to Allendale to worship, urged the Bishop of Newark to establish a mission in Ramsey.  They first worshipped in homes, and then in the Odd Fellows Hall.  Thankfully, in March of 1905, resident Edwin Carpenter donated a triangle of land at the junction of Main and Arch Streets for the cause.  George Crocker, whose family had made millions opening California to the steam engine, donated $11,000 to build the church itself in memory of his wife, Emma Hanchett Crocker.

Mrs. Crocker’s three children donated an additional $3,000 that paid for the pipe organ, the church bell and other church furnishings.  The Norman style church, designed by William Dewsnap of Allendale, was opened for public worship on February 25, 1906 and was consecrated on May 20, 1906 by the Right Reverend Edwin S. Lines, Bishop of the Diocese of Newark.

St. John’s was a mission church for nearly half a century.  After World War II Ramsey began to grow, and in 1951 St. John’s was made a parish church with the Rev. George Robert Dawson, its vicar, becoming the first rector.  Under his leadership, a parish hall was built and a parking lot was established across Main Street.

In 2006, St. John’s proudly celebrated its 100th Anniversary.  Parishioners found many ways to mark this historic event including an Evensong Service using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, a Morning Prayer Service with Holy Eucharist using the 1892 Book of Common Prayer, a musical extravaganza, and a centennial dinner.  Bishop John Palmer Croneberger officiated at the service commemorating St. John’s consecration.  An organ recital and an Evensong of Remembrance completed the year of special events.  In May 2007, a time capsule was sealed which will be opened in 2031.



Past Clerical Leadership

James W. Jackson       1905-1918                   P.H. Asheton-Martin   1935-1946

Raymond W. Masters 1918-1926                     Eldon Borell                1946-1950

William L. Cadman     1927-1928                     George R. Dawson      1950-1959

Walter B. Wright        1928-1930                      Leon H. Plante            1960-1977

Albert R. Chillson        1930-1935                    Richard M. Louis         1978-2000

James E. Williams II    2001-2005                   Julian Eibin                  2009-2016