No Celtic Eucharist this

Wednesday February 25, 2015

Fr. Eibin will be away for a Clergy Lenten Retreat Tuesday-Thursday

Lenten Reading Guide

We invite you to read the Gospel of Mark this Lent following this guide provided in Meeting God in Mark by Archbishop Rowan Williams.
Week two

Monday           Mark 2:18-28
Tuesday          Mark 3:1-12
Wednesday      Mark 3:13-35
Thursday:        Mark 4:1-20
Friday:            Mark 4:21-34
Saturday:        Mark 4:35-41

Sunday reflection:  Jesus was a controversial figure, and sometimes a confusing one. He plucked grain on the Sabbath, which was unlawful but not unprecedented. His own family said he was out of his mind and must have a demon.  He told cryptic stories but wouldn’t explain them, except to his disciples.  He healed without even a touch and calmed a raging storm with a simple rebuke. What is your reaction to the stories? Does it make a difference to you whether these events happened just as Mark says? What impression do these stories give you of Jesus, and how do you experience God through them?

God, let me stand in awe of your power.  Give me wonder that goes beyond fact and fiction Amen. 
Let us pray for you
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We are honored that you are visiting our web site. St John’s Memorial Episcopal Church, the stone church with the red doors as you enter Ramsey, New Jersey was built as a memorial to Emma Hanchett Crocker, the wife of George Crocker. The church was completed and dedicated as a house of prayer for all people in 1906. A parish hall was added in the 1950's and expanded in the 1980's and 1990's. After being a mission congregation for forty-five years, St. John's was admitted as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in 1951. The Rev George Dawson became the first rector. The fifth and current rector is the Rev. Julian R. Eibin. We are a progressive, Christian community welcoming all who seek a deeper relationship with Christ within a vibrant community of faith.
Our mission is to:
SEEK the mind of Christ
SERVE the community, locally and globally in the name of Christ
CELEBRATE the Love and Grace of God  enfleshed in the life of Christ

We accomplish our mission through a deep desire to manifest Christ
  • in our daily lives,
  • in our worship, 
  • in our formation as disciples,
  • in our service to neighbors locally and globally,
  • and in our striving for a just world.
We believe that we grow best in our Christian life when we find a spiritual home.

Please use this site to access the information you need about our church and as a resource on your spiritual journey. We hope you will join us on this adventure that is the Christian life.
 This week's video reflection for Lent from "The Work of the People"  Mouse over and click video to play
Never Alone

In the beginning, our beginning, we were only dust 
Knowing nothing of good and evil 
Only the pure innocence of God,
          In the garden 
         Alongside Creator
         The Birth-giver  
         Witness to Live begetting life. 

We were shameless—
         Known in our nakedness 
         freely creating,
         work was being human.  

Standing at the edge of Eden,
things were not the same,
Fragile, we needed protection
         and so we hid—
                behind trees
                behind one another
                behind our lives, 
       work was no longer about creating, but surviving.  

Individuated from God 
         We sought shelter from the pain
                of the memory of what we lost.    

But at the edge we stood, never alone
wrapped in a pale reflection of our former selves
      Would we know how to be man and woman again?
          Would we remember how to walk together 
                 with clear vision of each other—
                          as more than self-made image
                          but souls sheltered in the divine
                looking for the one who created and loved? 

From the garden I entered the wilderness of my striving
where I encountered demons,
          my demons,
          in the shifting sands,
     dirt between my toes, as a reminder of my mortality
                   to seek to fill the hunger
                   to remember who I was,
                   but really always forgetting
                   caught up in work 
                   or in another 
                   or in distractions.
         There were days when dreams became fantasy,
                   painting my self into corners
                   to connect with all those I loved
                   including a life, that I left behind—
           stretching myself across a canvas of memories  
                   the walking across a painted dessert 

         to look down from the highest cliff
         to hold kingdoms in my palm—
         temptation before me.
What they were for me they were for the Son of Man, 
         A deep growl in a hungry soul. 

Jesus came to face himself, and his frailty.
        He feasted on food made of words
        baked in the mouth of God

Words of life that promised another way

back to lush lands,
a place where we could hold hands
and be together,

with the One who never left us alone.

Sunday Mornings at St. John's

Worship Schedule 

8:00 am-Holy Eucharist

A shorter intimate service of Holy Communion (Mass) utilizing Elizabethan English . It is followed by Coffee Hour and Summer Breakfasts July and August.
10:00 am-Holy Eucharist 
A traditional service of Holy Communion(Mass) with Choir, followed by Coffee Hour

Family Service on the Third Sunday of the Month September through June
*Children's Sermon. 
* Music by the Cherubs and Choristers Children's Choirs
*Children read the lesson and lead the prayers

Church School

9:30-10:30 am-Church School   for Pre-school through 8th Grade
9:30-9:55 am- High School Youth (Library)
11:15 am Third Sunday of the Month Youth Confirmation Class

Professionally staffed infant and chilcare is provided year round on Sunday morning for children up to 3 years of age from 9:30-11:30am  

Midweek Celtic Mass on Wednesday Evening @ 7:30 PM

An alternative, brief 30 minute service of Holy Communion for those unable to attend church on Sunday or who just need some mid week spiritual refreshment or those who are searching for a different spiritual experience. A Quiet, meditative, candlelit with reflective music including spirituals, celtic hymns, Taize and folk hymns.The prayers are drawn from the Celtic roots of the Episcopal Church
Please send us a message for more information.  We will be happy to help you.

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