Lenten Reading Guide

We invite you to read the Gospel of Mark this Lent following this guide provided in Meeting God in Mark by Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Week Six

Monday:        Mark 12:38-44
Tuesday:       Mark 13:1-23
Wednesday:   Mark 13:24-27
Thursday:      Mark 14:1-11
Friday:           Mark 14:12-31
Saturday:       Mark 14:32-52

Sunday Reflection:  From Jesus’ teaching in the Temple to his dramatic arrest in the garden, the tension between Jesus and the authorities is building, as in the reader’s sense of agitation.  Jesus is becoming more isolated, and even his followers’ efforts at faithfulness and are found wanting.  As readers, our enthusiasm for this climax to Jesus’ story is tempered by his unsettling apocalyptic warnings.  What do you imagine God is experiencing at this time of the Son’s death draws near? How would you feel if you were one of Jesus’ disciples at this stage of his ministry.

God, give me insight to experience Jesus’ story as it was, not only the beautiful parts, but the difficult as well.  Amen.

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Holy Week and Easter Schedule  

March 29th: Palm Sunday
 8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist with Blessing of Palms & Reading of the Passion
9:45 AM Palm Sunday Procession begining in Veterens Park, Weather permitting
10:00 AM - Holy Eucharist with Blessing of Palms & Reading of the Passion
April 2nd: Maundy Thursday
 7:30 PM – Joint Maundy Thursday Liturgy and Agape
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, 1 Church Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436
April 3rd: Good Friday
Today is a day of Fast
12 Noon - Stations of the Cross & Meditations
12:30 PM-3 PM - Church Open for Private Meditation
7:30 PM – Joint Good Friday Liturgy with Holy Eucharist

from the Reserved Sacrament
Trinity Church, 55 George Street, Allendale, NJ 07401

April 4th: Easter Eve
7:30 PM – Joint Celebration of the Great Vigil of Easter
               St. John’s, Ramsey

The service begins in the Memorial Garden on the Arch Street side of the Church
Child care available

April 5th: The Day of the Ressuection
 8:00 AM - Festive Holy Eucharist with Easter Hymns
10:00 AM - Festive Holy Eucharist followed by an Easter Egg Hunt

Child care available


We are honored that you are visiting our web site. St John’s Memorial Episcopal Church, the stone church with the red doors as you enter Ramsey, New Jersey was built as a memorial to Emma Hanchett Crocker, the wife of George Crocker. The church was completed and dedicated as a house of prayer for all people in 1906. A parish hall was added in the 1950's and expanded in the 1980's and 1990's. After being a mission congregation for forty-five years, St. John's was admitted as a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark in 1951. The Rev George Dawson became the first rector. The fifth and current rector is the Rev. Julian R. Eibin. We are a progressive, Christian community welcoming all who seek a deeper relationship with Christ within a vibrant community of faith.
Our mission is to:
SEEK the mind of Christ
SERVE the community, locally and globally in the name of Christ
CELEBRATE the Love and Grace of God  enfleshed in the life of Christ

We accomplish our mission through a deep desire to manifest Christ
  • in our daily lives,
  • in our worship, 
  • in our formation as disciples,
  • in our service to neighbors locally and globally,
  • and in our striving for a just world.
We believe that we grow best in our Christian life when we find a spiritual home.

Please use this site to access the information you need about our church and as a resource on your spiritual journey. We hope you will join us on this adventure that is the Christian life.
 This week's video reflection for Lent from "The Work of the People"  Mouse over and click video to play

Watering Dry Bones

I was brought to the foot of the dry, dry valley—A parched soul.

Looking up at me were the desolation of bodies
Poured out before me
I looked down to see myself in their fallen flesh
And I was asked to speak truth to power
Against death and disease
Against my anxieties and vexations
Pulling my body apart
To keep from dragging me into the grave
Again, I was asked to speak against all that brings me to decay
Wrapped in lifeless pursuits and projects
So I am built up from bones to flesh,
As the Son of Man
And flesh to breath
And from breath to life
God’s life
The Spirit drenching my thirst

And in looking down,
I found myself looking back up
From the depths
The familiar dark places
Where I find myself Over and over again
Drinking from the fountain of darkness
Hoping for the light of morning
To open my eyes to something more than darkness
Invisible Spirit,
Life waking in me
So to breathe
At times I attempt to take in the air
And at times it hurts to just hope
For my fallen dreams
Do not rise easily
Disappointment trembling in a pile of feathers
Trying to find a pulse

Lazarus knew death

The intimacy of separation
Of losing parts of one’s self
Living in the land, alone to our devices
Watering the cracked clay
with tears mixed with longing
He heard a voice calling
To the tomb and the shroud
A voice pulled his heart
Waking him from his desolate dreams
A voice yet to know the depths of this pain
This experience still foreign to him
But the Master still calls,
And Lazarus still hears

Outside the grave
Jesus was weeping,
Not for Lazarus
But for our not being able to see
The place outside the grave
Unable to know the love that is present
The life that is before us,
In flesh and blood
Our eyes, unwrapped
Sunday Mornings at St. John's

Worship Schedule 

8:00 am-Holy Eucharist

A shorter intimate service of Holy Communion (Mass) utilizing Elizabethan English . It is followed by Coffee Hour and Summer Breakfasts July and August.
10:00 am-Holy Eucharist 
A traditional service of Holy Communion(Mass) with Choir, followed by Coffee Hour

Family Service on the Third Sunday of the Month September through June
*Children's Sermon. 
* Music by the Cherubs and Choristers Children's Choirs
*Children read the lesson and lead the prayers

Church School

9:30-10:30 am-Church School   for Pre-school through 8th Grade
9:30-9:55 am- High School Youth (Library)
11:15 am Third Sunday of the Month Youth Confirmation Class

Professionally staffed infant and chilcare is provided year round on Sunday morning for children up to 3 years of age from 9:30-11:30am  

Midweek Celtic Mass on Wednesday Evening @ 7:30 PM

An alternative, brief 30 minute service of Holy Communion for those unable to attend church on Sunday or who just need some mid week spiritual refreshment or those who are searching for a different spiritual experience. A Quiet, meditative, candlelit with reflective music including spirituals, celtic hymns, Taize and folk hymns.The prayers are drawn from the Celtic roots of the Episcopal Church
Please send us a message for more information.  We will be happy to help you.

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